Survey Results

An online survey was created for the Floodplain Management and Transportation System Resiliency Study using an online survey tool. The survey was launched to help ensure that public input is collected uniformly and accurately and to enable people who could not attend in-person Community Conversations to have an equal voice in expressing their opinions as those who attended in-person. The survey was posted on the project website, and was announced through press releases and on NextDoor, a neighborhood social network website. The survey went live on Friday, January 18, 2019, and was closed on Monday, February 4, 2019.

The survey included 18 questions, three of which required an answer to determine what follow-up questions respondents were asked. Depending on participants’ responses to those questions, with logic applied, they may have been presented with only 13 questions. A total of 413 responses were received to the survey, which had an 83-percent completion rate and took an average of six minutes to complete. The heatmap below displays the geographic distribution of survey respondents by ZIP code. Note that a small number of respondents are from outside Boulder County. 

Results of the survey are used to help inform and direct the Action Plan. A snapshot of results to some of the questions is presented in the Survey Results Summary.