What is this project's purpose?

The Boulder County Transportation and Floodplain program is working to make our community more resilient by identifying, evaluating, and implementing actions to reduce risk to structures in the floodplain and to the multimodal transportation system, which includes buses, bicyclists, and pedestrians. The Boulder County Transportation Department’s Floodplain Management and Transportation System Resiliency Study and Action Plan will help make Boulder County more resilient by identifying, synthesizing, and providing an implementation plan for actions that are as impactful as possible at minimizing risk, reducing damage, and enhancing existing rules, regulations, and programs in a cost effective and efficient manner. This project will determine the benefits and costs of specific actions and develop recommendations on how the Boulder County Transportation Department can increase resiliency by:

  • Incorporating specific actions into county policies to better manage hazards
  • Improving county transportation and land use planning
  • Prioritizing infrastructure improvements
  • Changing facility design standards
  • Updating county regulatory approaches to floodplain management
  • Identifying funding programs that could help implement resiliency actions

Since the floods of September 2013, the Boulder County Transportation Department has invested significant time and resources to achieve long-term flood recovery for public infrastructure and private property through its road and bridge, capital planning, and floodplain management programs. These efforts have created lessons-learned and generated ideas for future improvements. In addition, federal, local, and state partners have completed research, studies, and plans that are applicable to the Boulder County Transportation Department’s current activities and potential future efforts.

The Floodplain Management and Transportation System Resiliency Study and Action Plan is intended to evaluate ways that the research and lessons-learned apply specifically to the Boulder County floodplain management program (which is part of Boulder County’s Transportation Department) and the multimodal transportation system. The study will develop, test, and refine resiliency actions that will be incorporated into existing Boulder County plans, regulations, standards, policies, projects, or programs.

The Floodplain Management and Transportation System Resiliency Study and Action Plan is scheduled to be completed by the end of April 2019. At that time, a report will be made available that will contain final recommendations and reflect the combined results of the project phases noted below, including Community Conversations.