Project Questions

By drawing on the experience of the project team, county staff, partner agencies, and members of the community, this project seeks to determine answers to the following questions:

  1. What does it mean for the county’s transportation network to be resilient?
  2. What are the community’s acceptable levels of risk and uncertainty in planning for that desired flood-related resiliency?
  3. What are the potential actions and steps that Boulder County could take to improve resiliency?
  4. What have previous plans and studies said about specific measures that could improve the resiliency of our transportation infrastructure and floodplains?
  5. What level of public investment would be required for a range of results?
  6. What are the potential actions that Boulder County and its partners could take to improve resiliency, particularly within existing Boulder County programs?
  7. What actions are most cost-effective to achieve desired levels of resiliency?
  8. What actions are supported by the public to achieve desired resiliency levels?